HNC Solicits Contributions for Town Scholarship Fund (April 2022)

Good Morning Neighbors,
This message from the Highlands Neighborhood Coalition is to encourage all of you to support the scholarship fund for our community school, the Highlands School and to give you a brief update on Short-term Rentals.

There are many things that knit a community together and a very important one is providing for and nurturing our children. Turning out well-rounded, well-educated and well-prepared students year after year, our local school performs a great service for our community and for our children in grades K-12.

A great thing about our school is that every student is eligible to receive some level of college scholarship and that is the area where they need our support now. As our Mayor Pat Taylor explained in his newsletter this week, the last couple of years have put a dent in fundraising for the Scholarship Fund and the Highlands Neighborhood Coalition joins with him in encouraging you to lend your support.
Your tax-deductible contribution payable to the “Town of Highlands Scholarship Fund” may be sent to:

Town of Highlands
PO Box 460
Highlands, NC 28741

Residents, whether full-time or seasonal, are the reason that Highlands has the great infrastructure and culture that it has. With the support of our financial contributions, taxes, volunteerism and patronage, working together with our elected officials and town administration we are able to have a regional hospital, a vibrant and growing arts community, emergency services for those in financial need, support services for those with special needs, excellent fire, safety and utility services, a healthy church community, many other great amenities and…

A great school!

We can’t keep those things without our continued support so join with us in supporting the Scholarship Fund.

P.S. The second part of Mayor Taylor’s newsletter has his initial views about the recent Wilmington court decision about a town’s rights to regulate and determine zoning for short-term rentals. You can read that by going to Also attached is an analysis of the court decision from the UNC School of Government in which they emphasize that a town has the right to designate where short-term rentals (STRs) will be allowed, if at all. This clears the way for our town leaders to act and make a final decision on whether STRs will be allowed in Highlands and, if so, where.