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The Highlands Neighborhood Coalition is an association of neighbors and neighborhoods who have joined together to preserve, protect, and improve the Town of Highlands and our neighborhoods.

It is important that our residents have an organization that can influence the Town so we can present our input and ideas in a way that will have a positive impact on its future:

  • The Town recently confirmed that short-term rentals (STRs) are illegal in districts zoned residential.
  • We must counter the outsider investor/landlords and some of the local realtors who have already vowed that they will get the current law changed so STRs can spread and operate in all our neighborhoods; and
  • We have an upcoming election to elect our Mayor and two Commissioners.

We must all get involved and work together to keep our neighborhoods free of these illegal rentals, and we need to make sure that the candidates who get elected are those that will work for the best interests of residents and neighborhoods.

Our goal is to include every neighborhood association and as many individuals as possible. Suggested annual membership fee that covers our website, advertisements, and other administrative costs: