Airbnb and Neighborhood Crime, Northeastern University

“Airbnb prevalence in a neighborhood appears to be associated with increases in…crime, specifically violent crime.” Airbnb and Neighborhood Crime, Northeastern University

“It is striking to see that the issue (causing increased crime is) the conversion of units into short-term rentals.”

The Impact of Airbnb on Housing Rentals, Carnegie Mellon University

“Affordable units are the major sources of both the negative and positive impacts of Airbnb: they cause a larger rental supply reduction, which harms local renters.”

The economic costs and benefits of Airbnb, The Economic Policy Institute

“The ‘Airbnb effect’ is…to the detriment of the indigenous residents, many of whom are pushed out due to financial constraints.”

The Effect of Home-Sharing on House Prices and Rents: Evidence from Airbnb, National Bureau of Economic Research

“Consistent with this hypothesis, we find that ….. Airbnb listings increase the supply of short-term rental units and decrease the supply of long-term rental units.”

Holiday Rentals: the New Gentrification Battlefront, The University of Leeds

“Importantly, when residents move out, the only buyers tend to be tourist investors. I call this process ‘collective displacement’, that is to say, a substitution of residential life by tourism.”

“(T)he rhetoric of the sharing economy conceals the fact that (short-term) rentals are actually a new business opportunity for investors, tourist companies and individual landlords and, for this reason, long-term residents represent a barrier to capital accumulation.”

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